World Wide Web
World Wide Web

The Internet, or World Wide Web, has become the primary means of communication and commerce for countless businesses around the world. The Web literally puts the entire globe at the fingertips of businesses, consumers, or anyone who cares to explore it. Vertical APS’s Web-related services range from site design to domain registry to eCommerce – all of which we’re prepared to implement for you today!

Web Site Development
If you have neither the time nor inclination to create your own Web site, don’t sweat it! Vertical APS is ready to custom-design your site from the ground up, including all pages and content, and even specialized applications for your industry or unique business model. We start the development process by learning your business objectives, then create an attention-grabbing site that may even exceed them! We can introduce you to the world of eCommerce (see more below), as well as develop permissions-based, self-administered sites such as your intranet/extranet. When your site is completed we’ll maintain and update it when necessary. If you already have a site but think it needs a “makeover,” we can take care of that, too!

Domain Names
You’ve got a great idea for a domain, but is it available? Vertical APS will research and register your unique domain name for you, and even remind you when your registration is up for renewal. If you’d rather carry these tasks out yourself, they couldn’t be easier. We can show you how a simple Web search can land you your ideal site name in just minutes, and for just a few dollars.

Web Hosting
The Web is only beneficial to your business if you keep your presence up there! Vertical APS will ensure that’s exactly what happens. We’ll host your site on a dedicated server housed in a secure facility, with 24/7 power generation and other failover measures in place. We’ll also monitor and back up your system, so you won’t have to face any downtime or loss of data, both of which can be extremely detrimental to your operation.

Sponsored Portal Directories
Trade associations, non-profits, retail mall management and other business entities have needs other businesses do not; they have members or tenants to manage. Vertical APS can set your organization up with a portal that will enable you to register new members, safely store all their contact and other important information, and even facilitate renewal, all from a single, self-administered site. We’ll also show you how your portal can save you money and even generate revenue! Self-administration, or managing, updating and editing your portal yourself, cuts down your costs. And, with ads/listings, you can offer your members context-sensitive search capabilities while generating incremental income from your sponsors!

Without a doubt, the Internet has profoundly affected commerce. In the past many businesses could market only to limited areas, the Internet has opened up the global playing field – and leveled it – enabling SOHOs to compete in the same marketplace as Fortune 500s. Doing business online, or eCommerce, is also one of the most cost-effective sales tools available. Vertical APS can oversee all aspects of your eCommerce efforts, from search engine placement to traffic generation through SEO, advertising, social media and PR.

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