Voice, Data & Security
Voice, Data And Security

Next to electricity, voice and data are some of the most essential services your business relies on every day. You can’t afford to have them go out, slow down, or be compromised in any way by outside parties. Vertical APS has the reliable communication and security solutions to make sure none of those ever become an issue for you.

VoIP Telecom Services
There’s a great new way to make a phone call. True, you may still dial as you always have, but Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, offers so many benefits ordinary phone service can’t! VoIP phone calls utilize the power of the Internet, traveling over a private Internet connection instead of telephone wires. As a result, your long distance bills will shrink. You can also take advantage of Web-based phone applications, and even enjoy 4-digit (extension) dialing to colleagues worldwide, not just within your office. Vertical APS has agreements with the nation’s top VoIP carriers and will arrange service from the one that best fits you.

WiFi And Hotspots
First phones went wireless, and allowed us to place calls from virtually anywhere. With the advent of portable equipment such as laptops and PDA’s, the next logical step was wireless Internet access, or WiFi. Vertical APS can set up the hotspots that allow Web access anywhere – a shopping mall, the local coffee shop or throughout an entire residential community. The ability to surf the Web while enjoying a latte with friends or a cold drink poolside is a real value-add for your patrons and/or residents, and a significant selling point for you!

The days of dialup are done. If your Internet service is not up-to-speed you’re already behind the competition! Vertical APS can provide the broadband, or high-speed Internet, solutions your business needs to keep up and get ahead. DSL and T1 enable you to experience almost instantaneous site navigation and loading, and to quickly download large business-critical files such as spreadsheets, blueprints, PDFs and photos.

Network Design
Vertical APS is an architectural firm of sorts. We design and build one of the most important elements of your business – your communications and information network. We’ll design your LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) architecture and configure it for maximum efficiency, reliability and security. We’ll build redundancy into your network, and provide monitoring and backup to ensure everything that’s in place stays in place.

Network And Systems Administration
Vertical APS has built you a complex LAN or WAN. What’s next? Not to worry – we won’t leave you in the lurch. We provide full network and systems administration and support. Your network and systems are elements of your business you typically take for granted; you can do so safely with us looking after them. You’ll enjoy true peace of mind with your network and related systems in the hands of the experts, and be able to focus on your business.

Network Security
Your network is an investment beyond the cost of hardware. It’s where all your crucial data and communications are stored and conveyed back and forth between users. Vertical APS will protect your priceless investment, 24/7, from nuisances such as spam, threats such as hackers, and catastrophic viruses. We’ll arm your network with spam blockers to keep out those bandwidth-robbing emails, and firewalls to keep unauthorized individuals from viewing sensitive information and/or sabotaging your systems. And we’ll implement anti-virus applications to keep your vital systems healthy.

Virtual Private Network
If your business is comprised of multiple physical locations, it’s more likely than not you need a network designed specifically to connect all those locations together. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the way to link your dispersed sites securely and reliably. Your business will find VPN saves you much of the time and costs associated with business travel, as it allows you to do virtually anything you might otherwise do in person through your VPN. You may find VPN a more cost-effective solution than WAN, too, depending on your specific situation.

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