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The more your business grows, the more critical enterprise-wide information sharing and communication capabilities become to you.

You can rely on Vertical APS and our Microsoft Windows SharePoint expertise to keep your people connected and to keep information flowing efficiently and effectively throughout your organization.

Utilizing these economical applications, Vertical APS will show you how easy it can be to find and access information through a shared Web-based environment that’s far superior to traditional file shares.

We’ll show you to find out immediately when any modifications are made to any shared information.

We’ll show you how to save on travel costs and logistics by using Web-based audio and/or video applications to communicate with colleagues, clients or others anywhere in the world.

And we’ll enable you take more control over the creation, review, revision, distribution and use of your important documents.

Put the power of Vertical APS and our Microsoft Business Solutions behind your business today!
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Microsoft® Windows SharePoint

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