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In today's world communication applications are only useful if they’re fast, efficient, and easy to use. With the ubiquity of email for inter-, intra- and extra-office communication, that becomes a given. But email is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vertical APS’s business communication capabilities.

Vertical APS, by implementing the Microsoft Exchange Online as a standalone cloud application or as part of the Office 365 suite., can provide you with ways to manage not only your messages, but to manage a multitude of aspects of your work day.

We’ll show you how to schedule meetings, manage tasks and access contacts with the click of your mouse.

We’ll show you how to create and maintain mutually accessible address and distribution lists.

We’ll show you how to find what your employees’ schedules are, what conference rooms are available, and more, all at a glance.

We’ll show you how you can keep these vital aspects of the office at your fingertips wherever you go, with remote access delivered via mobile electronic devices.

Put the power of Vertical APS and our Microsoft Business Solutions behind your business today!


Exchange is the Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration server designed to help you communicate more effectively.
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