Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Your customers are your business’ bread and butter. And while having many of them is probably your ideal state of affairs, keeping up a consistent level of service to your customers and keeping tabs on them all can complicate that situation. Still, keeping them happy is the key to keeping them around.

Through Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vertical APS will show you how you can enhance your customer service through personalization and through instantaneous access to essential information needed to resolve customer issues or requests.

We’ll show your salespeople how to manage leads and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity, efficiently track customer communications, automate parts of the sales process, and even uncover new revenue opportunities among your current customer base.

And we’ll show you how to collate customer information so that, even if your salespeople are storing that valuable data in different programs and in different locations, they’ll be able to share that information with employees across your entire organization, affording each of them a holistic view of your base at arm’s length.

Put the power of Vertical APS and our Microsoft Business Solutions behind your business today!

The benefits of CRM technology stem from increased revenue and decreased costs.

Increased revenue primarily comes from more satisfied customers, the ability to upsell and cross-sell, and higher acceptance rates on marketing campaigns.

Reduced costs are attained through a reduction in administrative time used to track down information, improved reporting, and quicker issue resolution.

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